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Grubby won WCG2008



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I think back in 2004, it was different because apart from Cyber X Games which never played out, I never won a tournament yet. WCG was my first victory, and I didn’t expect it when I went into the finals. “OK Zacard is gonna destroy me to 0.” Maybe that was the right attitude at that time. Now I cant afford at such an attitude anymore. The game grew, I grew, and I was hungry for something like this again.

I’m in a professional team now. I made it my job. I concentrate most of my energy on this. So now the sense of release and happiness is much stronger. I don’t know what was going on. And now, WCG is my first win, and my last win.

I think when you are in a place as I am now, you don’t really concern yourself with the StarCraft2 yet.

I think it’s the most anticipated victory in my career.

Well, it was it was really special. I mean originally there were, that could be concerned as something that will destruct me, or something. They knew what I’m doing and they support me and if I need time they give it to me. And every time I am looking at audience, I look for the banner, the banner they are holding. And it gives me a lot of support, I was really happy that WCG was in Germany so that they could come over and, this is their first world titled games, my sixth, I think it offered me a lot of support. I would like to say thanks to them for supporting me.

In the first game? Alright, a problem I didn’t identify prior to starting the whole series was that I had a bit of metallic sound in my ear. It was going through a splitter which has seen its best years already, but we didn’t need that splitter anymore. So the solution was just put my sound directly in the PC, and metallic sound was gone. So it wasn’t much a problem, but because of such a rush, it looked more serious than it was.

I have another statement. I would just like to say that although happy I won, I think Moon deserved the victory. Just as much as me, and he played fucking awesome. And I’m sorry that only one can win, but he played really good. So, good job.

mmm. I don’t play that much attention , but what concern me more was “am I valuable after MYM? Am I living up their expectations? Are they gonna kick me if I don’t win soon?”. I don’t know. And of course, such concerns are not uttered by, for example, family or something, but there used to be times when every time I got back from a tournament, they said “did you win? Ha ha ha”, because they knew hurt it(?). I mean, if the field wasn’t that strong , and of course, there were a lot of disappointments where I just didn’t make it, or didn’t make it at all. So I feel much more satisfied to regain everyone’s confidence, the fans’. I mean there were so many fans here in Germany who are saying “I hope you win” and I go for the win. And I feel that in their littele fan-hater fusses fan-fan battle, every time I lose, I let them down because they cant go flame the haters. So, I’m happy for the fans. I’m happy for myself, for my family, and for MeetYourMakers.

I think against ToD and Moon, I was the closest to going out. Actually it was one of the first games where I won against Infi that I thought I can even beat really good players on LAN even now, right? It was just the feeling in general onn the PC that it just felt like at home. I was very comfortable and calmed on whole tournament, I thought. Finally now, first time this year, I feel good in every matchup, and this is what you need in a tournament, like that. And I have my note and I’m trying to prepare so seriously for everything. I guess after I won against ToD, I realized “wow, I was almost out. And now that I go through such a hard game, maybe I’ll make it”.

I think I want to win there as well, and it was actually the same map, different strategies, but the same map. So I think the maps are pretty balanced at WCG, and it’s just the matter of who makes more mistakes than the other. And in such a game, it’s not just a game, but it’s the pressure, it’s the people watching and everything that going through your read, and a little bit of luck too, I would say.

I was looking forward to it. And I guess I expected it, too.

I’d like to play here more. The energy from crowds were absolutely amazing.

Well, the good thing is you do ralize it. And it helps you more when it’s going well because you hear the cheers than when it’s not going well and cheering your opponent. You’re like “NO!”. well, I think the crowd was very nice, they cheer for both players, they give a lot of energy to both, no negativity. So I think it’s gonna help little, too because it makes you realize I’m not playing at home now some practice game. This is it. This matters.

I think the WCG maintain the very comfortable studios for all the players. So there was enough time to relax after hard works, get some food because even we need to eat. And then, go to my hotel room, watch some replays, you know, putting it to my sleeping mind, what’s gotta happen. And then, I’ll have a very nice sleep. Get up in time to eat, get ready, and even watch replays and warm up. There was enough time for all of that. And I think the relaxation part was also important.

It’s the secret of smitty.
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